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Our Company goals

specializes in flame retardant, antistatic, chemical proof, welding proof and electric arc protective garments, that are certified to International safety standards (EN, ISO, NFPA and GOST)

Energy Serve is to serve the workers in the field with the comfort and protection they deserve ….!!

We offer our best efforts to provide all kinds of knit T-shirts, tank-tops, polo-shirts, pique polo with excellent prints & embroidery for men & women of different styles& different yarn / fabric composition as per our customer's choice. Our products Lines are t-shirt, polo shirts, shorts, jackets, trousers, jeans, knit T-shirts, tank-tops, polo-shirts, coveralls

We are the an agent for  Dapro® is a protective-garment development and manufacturing company with its roots in the petrochemical industry onshore and offshore. Dapro® has earned its stripes on rigs and refineries all over the world.

Energy Serve  provide people working in hazardous environment with products that make their job safe 

Our S​ervice

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ENERGY SERVE is the first direct supply solution for a full range of personal protective equipment we serve the four  fields protection: head protection, hand protection, body protection, foot protection.

​​Energy serve stands for quality and user comfort,  for each details of the product has been.

Specially designed for optimal safety and comfort for the professional user.

Energy Serve ®,

Have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as a professional & reputed garment manufacturer & buying house for all sorts of worker needs and essentials  from uniform , PPE , &  First Aid which available all over the world plus our  productions  in Egypt .

We have strong production department with high flexibility. 

Also please note that we are not only depend on our own facilities but we also have good contacts and control over many factories in Egypt so we are capable to execute any quantity , quality & style as per buyers requirement

Our long devotion to the needs of our customer has made us what we are today a company that takes utmost pride in its name , a team of professionals is behind our operations ensuring outstanding quality and maintaining our high standards not only having deep rooted the name of energy serve in the Egyptian market  but also explore the effective  way of exporting  and penetrating  in the international market

Our S​ervice

Energy Serve Ppe

Energy Serve Company Providing All Your PPE ..... Your Safety is our Concern